Snežana Kezele born in 1951. in Belgrade, Yugoslavia.
After graduating from the high school of industrial design I graduated from the Academy of Applied Arts (1976).
Since 1977 I´m a member of ULUPUDS (Association of Applied Artists and Design Belgrade, Serbia). Since 1978 I have the status of an independent artist and live and work in  Belgrade.

I´m multimedia  artist and I work with painting, photography, graphics, painted installations, write poetry, etc. I has held more than 400 group exhibitions in Serbia and aboard, over 30 awards in Serbia and aboard and habited the 21 individual exhibitions.

Some of the individual exhibitions: 

  • EXIT 51 gallery TRAG-TRACE, Beogrd, Sremcica, Serbia 2016; 
  • WHY I MMXVI, Gallery Historical Museum,Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 2016; 
  • MY circus 51, gallery SKC, N. Belgrade 2015 Serbia; 
  • WHY I MMXV gallery KC Pančevo, Serbia 2015; 
  • SNEKERS“ Under The Same Sky, Small gallery SINGIDUNUM Belgrade 2012 
  • “WALK MMX”- gallery “FORTRESS”, fortress Kalemegdan, Belgrade, Serbia, 2010; 
  • “WALK MMIX” – gallery OLD CAPTAINCY, Zemun, Serbia, 2009; 
  • “FORMANT” trace of time 2, gallery CULTURAL CENTRE, Kovin, Serbia, 2007; 
  • SNEKERS“ – When Shadows Go Silent – gallery SKC NBGD, Serbia 2006; 
  • TRACE OF TIME “space company HOT SPOT 011, Belgrade, Serbia, 2006; 
  • THE GARDEN OF OPPORTUNITIES“ – gallery ULUPUDS SINGIDUNUM, Belgrade, Serbia, 2005; 
  • TOUCH” International gallery YUBIN Belgrade 2004, ON THE WALL OF TIME – gallery NUBS Belgrad.

Some of collective exhibitions: 

  • 49 May Exhibition of ULUPUDS, Belgrade, Serbia, 2017; 
  • Apollo” International Poster Exhibition, IInd edition, Alba Iulia, Romania, 2017;
  •  International Ex-libris Exhibition 2016 36th International Ex-libris Congress FISAE,Vologda, Russia, 2016;
  • Parana – Capital de la Provincia de Entre Rios Argentina, 2016; 
  • International digital art miniprint exhibition11TARA DA-DA, Otawa, Canada, 2016; 
  • Guangzhou International Exlibris and Mini-prints Biennial, China, 2016; 
  • ZEMUNSKI SALON 2016, Galerija „Stara kapetanija“, Zemun, Serbia 2016;
  •  International Wine Label Design Competition, Small graphic print competition,Greece, 2016; 
  • V International exhibition Painting of small format, Subotica, Serbia 2016; 
  • 20 ste Internationale exlibrisen kleingrafiekwedstrijd Sint-Niklaas 2015, Belgie, 2015; 
  • 4. umaški umjetnički salon / Artum, galerija Muzeja Umag, Umag, Hrvatska, 2015;  
  • Mail art PROJECTS TOWER of BABEL 2015,
  • Mr.Colori THE MUSEUM OF INSTANT; IIMAGES,Chaam, Holandija, 2015;
  •  Izložba malog formata, Slikarsko grafičke sekcije ULUPUDS-a, Serbia, 2015; 
  • 47. majska izložba REČ, ULUPUDS, galerija kuća Kralja Petra, Beograd, Serbia, 2015; 
  • International Art Exhibition NordArt 2015, Büdelsdorf, Germany, 2015; 
  • III BIJENALE likovnih i primenjenih umetnosti, galerija KC Kovin, serbia, 2015;
  •  Novembarski salon, galerija Stara Kapetanija, Zemun, Serbia, 2015;
  •  Prolećna izložba, galerija Stara Kapetanija, Zemun, Serbia, 2015;
  •  Treći internacionlni salon grafike, Gradska galerija, Kraljevo, Serbia, 2015;
  •  MINIPRINT INTERNACIONAL exhibition PARANA 2015, Parana – Capital de la Provincia de Entre Rios Argentina, 2015; 
  • Mala grafika 2015, Grafički kolektiv, Beograd, Serbia, 2015.

 Udruženje likovnih umetnika primenjenih umetnosti i dizajnera Srbije (ULUPUDS)

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  1. Hello from Texas! Glad to find a Serbian artist! I have been watching the films of Dušan Makavejev recently and loving them!!! Also, our basketball team in my city has a wonderful Serbian player named Boban Marjanović. So I am interested in Serbian culture and the days of Yugoslavia as well. I wish you luck in your art! It is very impressive all of the accolades you have had!!

    Thank you,

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